Happy Easter to all Pupils and Parents

Veselé Velikonoce všem žákům a rodičum od City of Leeds School. Doufáme, že si užijete dovo

Students visit The Holocaust Centre

In January a group of our Year 10 Citizenship and History  in Nottingham to learn more about this d

Headteacher’s News

Hello parents and friends of City of Leeds School   Extra Classes Many of you will have had let


Happy Easter to all Pupils and Parents

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Veselé Velikonoce všem žákům a rodičum od City of Leeds School.

Doufáme, že si užijete dovolenou společně jako rodina.


Hello everyone

In the newspapers !

I hope that you have all seen some of the publicity we have been having in the national and local press about the new course we shall be introducing from September.

We are putting on the Extra English course, because the new GCSE exams starting in September demand a much higher level of English. The level of grammar, spelling and vocabulary of the children needs to be much better to get those top grades.

The classes will be taught according to the pupils fluency in English. So fluent English speakers will be in a different class getting a very different lesson to pupils who speak little or no English.

Please contact me if you want to know more. 0113 2844260


Easter Classes and Summer Exams.

Both year 10 and year 11 pupils are involved in GCSE examinations this summer. We are holding EASTER HOLIDAY REVSION classes for these exams.

You will be told in a letter which is being posted home if you child needs to attend these classes. In the same envelope you will get an individualised copy of your child’s exam timetable.

Please remember! The children cannot take their exams on another day.

These are national exams where all the children in England take a subject on one particular day at a certain time.


How well is my Child Progressing?

We are all putting in grades about your child into our computer system for every subject. We shall be contacting you if your child is making slow progress and organising extra classes for him or her. We shall contact you by post if this is the case.


Academy News

I am still hoping that we shall convert into an Academy at any minute now. There have been some delays caused by questions over property and land which are now coming to a close. The children have chosen the new name: Leeds City Academy. They are about to vote on a new uniform, badge and motto for the school.


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Happy Easter to all Pupils and Parents Romanian


Students visit The Holocaust Centre

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In January a group of our Year 10 Citizenship and History  in Nottingham to learn more about this devastating period in history. The trip was facilitated by the Council of Christians and Jews which is the country’s oldest inter-faith charity.

At the start of the visit students received an introduction from one of the experienced educators at the Centre who encouraged them to focus on the role of the individual and the choices they made between 1933 and 1945. Students were then given a specific question to investigate using information from the memorial gardens and exhibition. Finally students had the unique opportunity to listen to a Holocaust survivor and ask them questions which further deepened their knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust.

This educational visit was a fantastic tool in developing our students feelings of empathy and compassion and will help them develop a variety of key skills to compliment both their citizenship and history GCSE courses.

We are very grateful to the Leeds City Council West North West Area Well-being Fund and the Proceeds of Crime Act Fund who funded this visit.

Headteacher’s News

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Hello parents and friends of City of Leeds School


Extra Classes

Many of you will have had letters telling you that your child needs some extra tuition. Sometimes this is to help them learn English, sometimes it is to help them with their reading or writing.

Please make sure your child comes to the class !

They need the extra help!


Help for Pupils who are new to English

We have now employed new staff who speak Czech, Roumanian, Russian and German to help the children settle into the school and learn English. These staff will also be able to speak to you in these languages and will also translate our letters.


HELP in school

Do any of you want to come into school to volunteer ? You could help children to improve their reading, help with practical classes ( like cookery or art) or help translate- especially if you are a Czech or Roma speaker. Please e-mail me if you are interested. g.sale@cityofleeds.org



THANK YOU to all the mums and dads that have contacted me to tell me that their child is saying they get ‘no homework’.

Please KEEP LETTING ME KNOW if this is what the children are saying.

It’s not true of course !

Please use my e-mail address above


Our new Telephone Number

The main school number is : 0113 2844260


Academy Proposal

All the public meetings have now been held. The meetings have been with the general public, the governors and staff of the school, the previous governing body, and the main primary schools. All the meetings were noted and the final report is now out. This will be sent to the education minister to inform his final decision about whether this should go ahead or not.

The proposed opening date is April 1st 2014, so we should be hearing soon.


Getting the pupils involved

As part of the proposed academy we have been getting the pupils involved in suggesting:-

• A name for the proposed new academy

• A uniform

• A motto

• A badge

Every form group can put forward up to five designs or ideas. Then we are going to have a school wide vote !!

I’ll put the winner up on the site.


Georgiana Sale


February 2014


Happy New Year

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Hello everyone and Happy New YearGeorgiana Sale

Pupils’ Progress

As you know we are always pushing for our pupils to match the rates of progress of children nationally. Last summer we had good successes in getting the pupils up to national targets in both Maths and Science.

Please remember we are keeping a very close eye on the rates of progress of all the pupils. We take ‘snapshots of their progress four times a year .We analyse these in great detail especially for the CORE  SUBJECTS of English Maths and  Science.

Following one of these ‘snapshots’ the departments set up extra lessons and other sorts of intervention to make sure the children who are not making good progress are given the chance to catch up.

If we feel that your daughter or son needs extra help WE WILL CONTACT YOU ! There are after school classes for these children- if we ask them to come , it really means they NEED TO come!

Please contact me if you have any questions.



There is a homework timetable for all children in all year groups. This has been published and a copy sent to you by post. The children should be writing down their homework in their planners.

PLEASE HELP US by looking at their planner. If you notice no homework has been written down please ring up and tell us. The we can check if it is the pupils who is not writing the work down, or the teacher not setting it!!



It is proposed that the City of Leeds School will turn into an Academy sponsored by the City College Leeds.

There is a parent meeting about this. PLEASE COME and hear about this exciting development !



4pm to 5pm with Urdu translation

6pm to 7pm with Czech/Polish translation

Georgiana Sale
January 2014

Northern Ballet

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This week City of Leeds welcomed Northern Ballet into school.  The team of professional dancers and musicians worked with year 9 and 10 Performing Arts students and introduced them to the current production of Cinderella.  Students were taught some of the dance routines as well as looking at the main characters and choreographing their own dance pieces.  The workshop ended with a final performance accompanied by a live pianist.  The students really enjoyed the experience and are now looking forward to the visit to see Cinderella next week.


Happy Holidays

December 11, 2013 in Caring, News, Parents

We shall be closing the school for the Christmas holiday on Friday, 20th December and re-opening again on Monday, 6th January.

On the last day of school students will attend as usual but will leave early at 12.10pm. There will be lunch or grab bags available for all students who wish to get lunch.

It is very important that students attend right up until the last day; our curriculum will run until the last day and normal lessons will be taught.

On Thursday, 19th December, at 8.30am, there will be a special celebration assembly with prizes and rewards; all parents and carers are invited to attend.

Finally, may we send you warmest thoughts and best wishes, from all the staff at City of Leeds School, for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year.

Lantern Festival 2013

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On Friday November 8th 2013 City of Leeds School hosted the Annual Lantern Festival which had been organised by the Open XS Cluster.

The Lantern Festival involved City of Leeds School plus 5 local Primary Schools; Little London; Blenheim; Brudenell; Quarry Mount and Rosebank.

Children, parents, carers and members of the community set off from their local primary schools and paraded through the streets with home-made lanterns, culminating at City of Leeds School for a Feast and musical entertainment.

Children from all 6 schools had been working hard to create the lanterns during the lead up to the event and they looked spectacular on the night!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the local businesses that donated food on the evening and everyone involved for their hard work.

Homework at City of Leeds School

November 18, 2013 in Academic, Caring, Parents, Policies, Year Groups

During the past few months we have been reviewing and developing our homework policy here at City of Leeds School.

Homework is work that is set to be done outside of school hours.

Homework is a way of promoting independent study skills and we believe that these skills are important for exams, college/university and/or the world of work.

We also believe homework is important for the following reasons:

  • It extends work covered in lessons
  • Homework is good for research skills
  • Students work independently
  • Homework develops study skills e.g. planning, time management and self-discipline.

All subjects will now be setting homework, this should be recorded by each student in their planners. Please could we ask you to check and sign planners and give us your feedback on any issues.

We have planned to set a minimum of 1 hour’s homework per evening, so please see the attached homework timetable which gives students some direction as to when homework should be completed.

In order to support from home, could you please display the homework timetable, and provide a quiet space for your child/children to study.


If you have any questions regarding homework, then please feel free to contact the school directly.

Kind Regards

Mr N Shepherd

Senior Leader

Concord’s Annual Peace Service 2013

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City of Leeds Students took part in the Annual Peace Service at Leeds Civic Hall on Wednesday 23rd October. Representatives of nine faiths lit candles and shared words of peace in the presence of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Leeds. Our students contributed by reading peace poems written with the support of Liz Chillington. The children were thanked by the chairman of Concord Interfaith Fellowship for their “inspirational words”.


Peace, peace, peace.

Can we hope for peace?

Can we pray for peace?

World peace, inner peace,

Sometimes what comes is eternal peace,

Peace can be many things.

A metaphor, an example, an expression, a feeling,

Also a form of emotion.

Peace if you can find it

Is precious and true.

So enjoy it, embrace it

Do with it what you will.

But remember it is to be endured in all its tranquil beauty,

Be silent, be still.

Shannen - Year 10

Student Leadership Programme

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Do you have what it takes to be a leader?


Since October City of Leeds School has been working on the development of an enhanced student leadership structure in school. We started by electing Form Representatives in mid-October and they will form the Student Voice Council in school.

 More recently we held a whole school election for Head Boy & Head Girl of Phoenix, Falcon, Eagle and Hawk Houses. Students from KS4 were invited to write a Manifesto outlining what they would bring to the role if they were elected. The quality of the applications form both Yr10 and Yr11 was impressive and everyone is really excited about the election results to be announced on Thursday 14th November 2013.

 Our newly appointed leaders will have the opportunity to do the following

  • Develop positive relationships with  pupils, staff and the community
  • Support the younger students
  • Represent the school when required.
  • Report  termly on your Houses’ achievements
  • Be a positive role model for the school community

We believe that developing the leadership opportunities for our students whilst they are young will build their confidence and strengthen their ability to succeed in the future. Hilary Benn MP will be visiting the school to work with our Student Leaders on Friday 29th November.